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Children are the future

Junis is all about allowing children to be children. The values that we give children today are carried with them into the future as they build their own lives.

At Junis we care about abstinence from drugs and alcohol, democracy, solidarity. Above everything else, we want to offer meaningful activities for all children in their free time, a platform where games, laughter, challenges and excitement are all natural ingredients. 

Our expansive work

Junis offers a broad range of activities spread out geographically over the entire country. Junis members enjoy arts and crafts, put on plays, shows and musicals. In Junis we offer both indoor and outdoor activities year around. We do everything from hiking and dancing to watching exciting films and practicing magic tricks together.

We put on summer camps for hundreds of kids every summer. Everything we do is aimed at helping children grow and at the same time developing democratic skills and understanding the needs of others.

Our three core issues, abstinence from drugs and alcohol, democracy, solidarity, run like a golden thread through everything we do.

Our three core issues

Abstinence from drugs and alcohol

All children have a right to a drug- and alcohol-free childhood.
At Junis you get to do fun things in a safe and drug-free environment. Junis members agree not to consume alcohol or take drugs rather they reject the use of drugs and other intoxicating substances. As a member of Junis you increase your knowledge of different drugs and how they damage your body.


At Junis we care about the plight of children in other countries.
We think it’s important to treat people well – within the family, at Junis, around the country and all over the world. Junis supports child and youth organisations in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe. Through our work in these countries we support children’s development and fight drugs, racism and prejudice. Talking about subjects like bullying and how to be a good friend is important in Junis. 


Junis members get to take part in the decision making in their local clubs. They get trained in the ways of democracy and find it easier to get involved in social and political issues as adults. Children and young people who have a voice in matters have more fun and develop more positively.


Junis, IOGT-NTO’s Junior Association, is a part of the IOGT-NTO family and our work is directed towards children up to 15 years old. A pledge of abstinence is taken at the latest during the year of the member’s twelfth birthday.

Junis members can continue after the age of 15 to The Swedish Youth Temperance Organization (Ungdomens Nykterhetsförbund, UNF) or The Swedish Temperance Guide and Scout Association (Nykterhetsrörelsens Scoutförbund, NSF). Our leaders are members of UNF, NSF or IOGT-NTO.

Besides its own organisational commitments, Junis is also active on the political level. We want all local authorities to have functioning support groups for children of addicts. For us it is obvious that we believe that all children have the right to grow up in an environment free from alcohol and other drugs.

Junis’ goals

All children shall feel welcome at their local Junis group, which in turn shall provide the chance to be part of a community and to meet many new friends.

The main goal of our work is to encourage Junis members to take a stand against drugs and alchohol, for democracy, as well as working towards international solidarity and getting engaged in issues concerning both the environment and in terms of how we relate to each other. 


  Junis är barnens organisation. Vi finns i hela landet och ger möjlighet till roliga och utvecklande fritidsaktiviteter där barnen själva får vara med och bestämma. Verksamheten sker i nykter miljö med engagerade och utbildade ledare.

Junis står på barnens sida. Vi arbetar för att skapa opinion och påverka beslutsfattare – både i Sverige och internationellt – för barns rätt att växa upp i en trygg och nykter miljö. All vår verksamhet vilar på grundsatserna demokrati, solidaritet och nykterhet.

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